SparkPlug Website Review & Ratings + SparkPlug Coupons
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SparkPlug Website Review & Ratings + SparkPlug Coupons

SparkPlug: Products & Services is the official website and also store for the SparkPlug products. These products are made by a company specialized in electronic smoking alternatives, and it manufactures and also distribute them towards the retailers. The products made by the company are of superior quality, affordability and offer flavor options and accessories, all of them regarding the alternative for smokers. On the website, the clients can find support and can buy these products from the online store. Through the advantages that the tobacco products have, as listed on the website, are: multiple flavors to choose from, prevent smoke smell on clothing, use around kids and non-smoking people, use in non-smoking public places and no more inhaling tobacco smoke.

The company wants to garner you as a long term buyer; so they provide education on the dangers of smoking and then created an alternative which is the Sparki Smokeless System or E-cig.

SparkPlug: Company Background

The company SparkPlug for Smokers has been established in 2009. This is an U.S. based company that produces electronic cigarettes, manufacturing and also distributing them. Its headquarters are located at McDonald Webb Inc., 5016 Spedale Court PMB 313, Springhill, TN 37174, United States of America. A map with the exact location is available on the website as well. The idea behind this company has been the revolution risk free smoking option could offer for smokers all over the world, a method that is also cheap and easy to acquire. The founders are not mentioned on the website.

SparkPlug: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Not that many customer reviews have been found online. The few details that have been gathered from forums are where clients have posted their opinion on the products bought from the online store. The opinions are positive, but none of them are regarding the experience buyers had with the website. The forums are e-Cigarette-Forum and VapeAtron. However, the website does not have a testimonial page where clients can share their opinions about the products bought from or about their experience with the company.

SparkPlug: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company does not have a Better Business Bureau profile or accreditation. If the company received any other accreditations, the information is not known on the website. Also, there appears to be no awards received by the company or by its products. There are also no known associations for SparkPlug, or any certifications. There is no indication that the company has been covered in any major media outlet.

SparkPlug: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Very few details have been found on Alexa regarding this company. It appears that due to its global traffic rank, which is 7,440,931, the history of the website is not available. The website’s reputation is 21. No other details are available according to this overview. On Google Page Rank, the website received 1 out of 10 rating.

SparkPlug: Social Media Presence

Currently, the company is not operating any blog. However, there are other social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On Facebook, the website has only 187 likes. The last post here has been made on the 13th of September 2012, and since then, no activity has been made on this platform. On Twitter, the company appears to be more popular, with 130 tweets and 301 followers.  The last tweet has been posted on 9th of June 2012. With 4 videos uploaded on YouTube, the company’s profile has 16 subscribers.

SparkPlug: Website Security & Safety

Even though Google did not visit the website over the past 90 days, the website is not currently listed as suspicious and there are no details that it has been suspicious in the past. Also, it does not appear to function as an intermediary for infection to any other websites and it hadn’t hosted any malicious software over the last 90 days. There are no other details from the Safe Browsing Diagnostic page. As for the website’s personal protection, none is listed or available on the website, not even on the store category.

SparkPlug: Pricing & Packages

The prices for the products found in the online store appear to be normal if not even cheaper than other similar companies. The numbers of the products are limited, and if some items are not available or are out of stock, the information will be written directly on the product’s category on the store, so that the clients don’t get confused.  SparkPlug for smokers™ American Smokeless Liquid™, the price is only $6.99. There are no special discounts or deals.

SparkPlug: Shipping Rates & Policies

The only information about shipping will be available once the clients reaches the point of check out. Here, it says that the shipping quotes will be automatically generated for the continental United States and Hawaii. If the order is shipped to other countries, the client will be able to manually select the international flat rate even though the company is shipping internationally, there are some countries that will not be accepted, but the information will be available only if the client checks directly for that region or country. The domestic shipping quote for shipping is $4.99 and outside USA is $25.00

SparkPlug: Payment Methods Accepted

The only payment method accepted by this company is through the most popular credit card companies. The accepted credit cards are Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. There appears to be no other payment method accepted, or any alternative one. All the credit card’s details will be asked at check-out. Another important detail is that the billing address for the credit card must match the billing information.

SparkPlug: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website does not have a return policy, refund policy or exchange policy. It seems unfortunate for a website with ecommerce to lack these policies, but there is no explanation for this fact. It could be that these policies will be available once the clients call or write to customer support, or even after the purchase has been made. Also, the website does not have a Privacy Policy or a Terms and Conditions page, which makes it really hard for customers to trust them.

SparkPlug: Product images & screenshots
SparkPlug Coupons
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